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A really great way to start attacking these problems. Thanks!

Ryan Jew

The best ever online course I learnt!


Right from the nitty gritty of text completion to the minute details of RC and critical reasoning, it covered everything. Thank you for making things look so lucid.

Saurabh Wadhwani

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Great course. Helped me understand the topics properly. I appeared for GRE in fall but scored less. This time I guess I will have a better chance.  Reading Comprehension concepts are truly amazing! Instructor has good command.. expert teaching.​


Thanks for guiding me through GRE like breeze. I owe my dream admit to you, for you have helped me master my weak area which was Verbal.  I can vouch for Aptiwizard Verbal course!

Ben Taylor

Why Learn With Me?

Smriti T., - Founder

I have been training students for GRE for the last 11 years. Having led students to achieve 320+ scores, I now know the tricks of the trade very well.   When you learn with me, you learn the strategies used by many top scorers before you.

When you are enrolled in my courses, you know you are studying with me. The big GRE training companies have mostly part-time and changing faculty which leads to changing concept delivery and low overall level of learning.

When you are learning with me, you can reach out to me through the website or through all popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit. 

I hold weekly doubts clearing and concept strengthening session with the enrolled students. So at any point, if you feel you have not understood a concept properly or have a doubt, we can discuss it live  and resolve the issues before they become major concerns.

What Our Students Have to Say

Smriti mam is a great coach for GRE Verbal preparation. I am her one of the ex-students who has taken her live coaching sessions. I really like the way she focuses on the tricks to get to the answers even if we don't know the exact meaning of each and every word in the vocabulary. She emphasizes to get the concepts and methods to solve text completion. Learning those tricks really helped me score good on Verbal. I would highly recommend this online course of hers now, that is very similar to what I learned from her previously and after reviewing these sections, I feel like I am re-attending her live coaching sessions.
Hasika Mahtta
Very eloquently explained. The course brings a lot of insight into "how" to break down a text completion question instead of thinking "what" the answer should be. I was one of your students in a GRE Prep classroom program and you taught us some of these unique approaches to tackle different sets of questions. They've really helped me formulate my strategies for the verbal section. I've always admired your teaching style and I'm glad through this online platform you can now spread the knowledge to a much wider audience.
Smriti mam has been a terrific mentor and teacher. Through this course I can see a lot of future GRE Aspirants benefiting immensely. Definitely recommended!
Ateesh Tiwari
Amazing course! It covers all the aspects of GRE Verbal in a systematic and easy-to-remember manner.
Dhruvi Panchal

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The accepted payment method is Paypal. If you are unable to use Paypal for any reason, drop us a message and we will send you a custom payment link.

There are disadvantages to sharing your account. All enrolled students get to attend the regular doubt sessions and concept clearing sessions, which are highly recommended for proper learning. In case the account is shared, you may miss out on important concepts and lose opportunity to improve your score.

It is advisable that you enroll in the Ultimate GRE Verbal Course which caters to all individual topics of GRE Verbal. Each topic requires concepts learned in other topics and hence a comprehensive learning will happen only when you study all the topics. Otherwise, you may miss  out on important concepts and compromise on your score. 

We hold regular doubts and concept clearing sessions which are notified to the enrolled students. You can reach out to us on all popular social media as well for quick resolution of doubts. Our Facebook community boasts of quality engagement and you can post your questions on the group too for peer to peer learning.

Absolutely. You can directly send me a message on Facebook and I’ll reply very soon. You can also post your general doubts or on our private Facebook group.

Sure. Just go to the course page here and browse the lesson list. There are a few sample lessons that you can watch and learn from without enrolling.